SharePoint Online Backup & Migrate Tool

Backup and Migrate your SharePoint Online data and files using a simple solution from VirtoSoftware
When do I need to use Backup & Migrate tool?
When you need to Backup your SharePoint Online data
When you migrate from SharePoint 2013 to Online
When you need to copy your data across tenants or Sites
Why do I need to backup my SharePoint Online data?
Doesn't Microsoft do it?
Limited time
Microsoft stores backup on their servers only for 14 days, and you never have access to your archive
With Virto Tool, you can keep a daily archive if you have free disk storage
Same place
Microsoft restores all your archive on a certain date and rewrites all existing data on your current site
Virto allows you to restore your data partially and in another location

Higher efficiency
Microsoft restores your data by request within minimum 48 hours of the moment you create a support ticket
With Virto, administrator can restore certain user's files in a couple minutes
How does it work?
Virto Backup & Migrate Tool is a simple desktop application that runs under command prompt (CMD.exe) and can be scheduled daily via Powershell. It has simple backup and restore queries with several parameters that allow to backup/restore user permissions, content types, lists with attachments, libraries with meta data.

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Run the Tool
Complete the form below, download and unzip it, Run virtobr.exe file from the command prompt (CMD.EXE)
Download your data
Use Backup command with required parameters to save your data on your storage. Documentation.
Restore/Migrate your data
Use Restore command with required parameters to restore your data on a particular Site Collection.
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