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Agile Task Management for SharePoint Online
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Agile Task Management
Enjoy the pertinent project management features: task allocations, asignee notifications, project analytics, and commenting on tasks.
Task List Aggregation
Manage tasks from different SharePoint lists, merged by the same content type, on a single SharePoint Kanban board.
Kanban Board View Customization
Designate task card colors, apply multiple filters, hide or collapse swimlanes, and arrange tasks by certain criteria.

SharePoint Online Project Management

The Virto Kanban Board App visualizes SharePoint tasks on colorful and convenient scrum boards. You can manage tasks from different SharePoint lists, merged by the same content type, on a single Kanban board.

Any choice type field can be displayed as a column or a swimlane. You can quickly move and sort out tasks between a project's columns and swimlanes with the drag and drop feature.

The Kanban Board app for SharePoint Online allows you to quickly create and adjust new boards in minutes with a few simple steps.
Video Tip: How to add a SharePoint task list to a Kanban board

SharePoint Online Kanban Board Set Up

Video Tip: How to color code SharePoint Kanban tasks
You may create styling rules, based on a specific condition, which color code SharePoint Kanban cards with certain colors.

The color-coded Kanban cards help to distinguish tasks by project, assigned user, or any other list field value.

The Kanban board app by Virto allows you to customize a board view with multiple filters. Filter SharePoint tasks by assignee, a certain field value, or with a custom user-configured condition.

SharePoint Kanban User Management

With Kanban Board App for Office 365, you can configure permissions, related to SharePoint task management.

A SharePoint administrator can assign permissions to edit all the project tasks to a certain user list. When giving Read-only permissions to SharePoint users, you allow them to manage only the tasks they are assigned to.

With Task Watchers feature, you may create a user list, which is going to receive email notifications about any changes to the task, even if they are not the assignees.
Vide Tip: How to display Kanban board tasks assigned to a certain user
For details, see the Kanban Board documentation
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SharePoint Online Task Management
The Virto Kanban Board App can visualize a SharePoint task list in a colorful and convenient interface. To manage the Kanban board, one should just drag and drop, and sort out task items across the columns and the swimlanes within a certain project.
SharePoint Task List Aggregation
The Virto Kanban board boasts of the aggregation feature, which allows users to merge different SharePoint task lists into a single Kanban board. The SharePoint lists should belong to the same content type.
Create Agile Boards in SharePoint
With the Virto Kanban Board, you can have a big transparent picture of your project. The Kanban board's columns and swimlines contain work items sorted out by certain field values, like status, assignees, priority, etc. You can easily move tasks between columns and swimlines with the simple the drag-and-drop feature.
Configuring Task Card Colors
Designate a specific background color for a Kanban task card, according to a preset custom criteria. You can add a color marker to highlight the work items, which meet a certain custom condition. Say, stick a red marker to overdue tasks.
SharePoint Task Permissions
The Virto Kanban app lets SharePoint administrators to assign Edit or Read-only permission to a certain user list. The SharePoint Kanban Board users have the same permissions as set on the corresponding list.
Task Watchers and Notifications
The Virto Kanban app has a feature of sending email notifications according to predifined conditions to a certain user list. Also, the app can send notifications to a task assignee.
Kanban Board Filters
You may customize a SharePoint Kanban board view, filtering tasks by assignee, a certain field value, some custom condition, or applying your user-configured filter.
Total SharePoint Task Count
The Virto Kanban app can aggregate data within a board column to count Sum, Average value, and Tasks quantity. For example, with Count option, you may calculate how many hours has been spent on all tasks within the same project stage.
Configuring WIP limits
You can set WIP limits for each work stage within each Kanban board column. To adjust the board columns, special SharePoint access rights are required.
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