To add the kit to SharePoint environment, Office 365 administrator privileges are required
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Download Workflows for Office 365
Download Virto Workflows for Office 365
Add Virto Workflows to Your Apps section in SharePoint
Activate Virto Workflows in the Site Contents section
Virto Workflows Quick Installation Guide
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Step 3
At your Office 365 admin center, get to the App Catalog library taking the path:
Admin section → SharePoint → Apps → App Catalog.

Upload the installation file that you downloaded at VirtoSoftware site to App Catalogue.

You can navigate to App Catalog by a direct link https://[your_domain_name] if your Office 365 subscription plan allows to.

Go to Settings on the site where you are going to add Virto Workflows and click Add an app.

On the Your Apps page, click From Your Organization.

Then click the Workflows for Office 365 icon and click Trust It to add the kit.

Open Virto Workflows in the Site Contents section. Click Install Button if required. Once you see the green OK button, type in your Site URL that belongs to the right site collection. Click Activate.

Once you have activated Virto Office 365 Workflows on a particular SharePoint site, you will be able to see all the Virto custom actions on the Activities list.