SharePoint Alerts and Reminders

Smart Email Notifications for SharePoint Online
SharePoint Online Alert Management
Create and manage SharePoint Online alerts and reminders on a user-friendly and handy Office 365 app interface.
SharePoint Calendar Reminders Set Up
Send SharePoint calendar email reminders on upcoming events and follow up emails, according to a set schedule.
SharePoint Alert Email Customization
Customize SharePoint Online email notifications. Create nice email templates with text formatting, and inserting specific fileld values, tables, and links.

SharePoint Email Notifications Management

The Virto Alerts and Reminders app was designed to turn SharePoint user alerts into a perfectly automated email notification system.

All SharePoint alert and reminder configuration and management is performed on the app's setting panel. Create, edit, enable or disable, remove alerts, and allocate users' permissions within a single UI.

No single Office 365 calendar event or a SharePoint list's change is going to be missed. The Alerts and Reminders app will send out SharePoint notification emails, following a set schedule.
The Virto Alerts and Reminders feature overview

Sending Alerts on SharePoint List and Library Updates

Video Tip: How to create a SharePoint List Alert
Every meaningful change, made to a SharePoint library or list, may work as a trigger, which sends an auto email alert to SharePoint users and external recipients. The SharePoint Alerts and Reminders app tracks all list item changes, using a field-value condition.

You can set a specific notification schedule for each list. Alerts can be sent out immediately, or at certain times as daily and weekly SharePoint alert summary emails. For recurring events, email alerts can also be scheduled.

SharePoint Calendar Events and Due Dates Email Reminders

The Virto Alerts and Reminders app allows users to receive SharePoint tasks email notifications on a regular basis. Multiple Office 365 user notifications can be merged into a single summary email, and sent out daily, or weekly.

SharePoint workflow reminders can be sent to a certain user or a user list following a set schedule, like daily, weekly, at a specific hour, before or after the date specified in a SharePoint list field.
Video Tip: How to create a SharePoint Event Reminder
For details, see the Alerts and Reminders documentation
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SharePoint Notifications Management
Establish and manage your SharePoint email notification system. Create and remove, enable and disable alerts, and edit alert email templates on a handy UI. Set up Office 365 date based reminders with multiple scheduling options.
Office 365 Automated Email Alerts
Keep your SharePoint site users informed about significant list or document changes with auto email notifications. Certain actions, performed to a SharePoint list or document, trigger sending out alert emails to concerned users.
Custom SharePoint Alert Templates
Create custom SharePoint alert templates. Designate notification email's subject, body, header, and footer; embed field values, tables, and links into SharePoint email body. You may merge multiple alerts into a single alert summary report, scheduled daily or weekly.
SharePoint Date Based Reminders
Create Office 365 date based reminders to be sent out to concerned users, according to a specific schedule. For example:
  • SharePoint calendar event reminders;
  • SharePoint workflow task reminders;
  • SharePoint follow up email reminders.
SharePoint User Notification Scheduling
The Virto Alerts and Reminders app sends out alerts according to your custom trigger conditions. The app provides multiple scheduling options, like sending alerts immediately, or in a designated period.
Sending Out SharePoint Newsletters
You may use the Alerts and Reminders app for bulk sending out SharePoint newsletters. The app provides a wide range of design tools to create nice and substantial newsletters. You can adjust header and footer, format text, insert links, images, tables, and tags to produce a perfect SharePoint email layout.
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