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Design no-code SharePoint online workflows with 80+ 'Off-the-Shelf' actions of Virto Workflow Activity Kit.
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Virto Activity List for SharePoint Online Workflows

Administration Actions
  • Create SharePoint group
  • Rename SharePoint group
  • Delete SharePoint group
Azure Active Directory Processing
  • Get Azure AD user information
  • Set Azure AD user attribute
Core Actions
  • Pause
Email Processing
  • Send email with attachments
Import and Export Processing
  • Import CSV to list
List Processing
  • Publish list item
  • Set field value (extended)
  • Rename document
  • Get parent folder name
  • Get parent folder URL
  • Get field value from list item
  • Loop through list items and update list items
  • Loop through list items and update field value
  • Get list items (CAML)
  • Get list item url
  • Get list item url extended (using CAML query)
  • Get field values from list
  • Add/Remove folder
  • Copy or Move List Item
  • Create new task
  • Copy or Move Document
  • Copy/Move Attachments
  • Create List Item (extended)
  • Get list item ID by unique ID (extended)
  • Calculate aggregate function
  • Calculate due date
Permission Processing
  • Add user to SharePoint group
  • Get members of SharePoint group
  • Check if user is a member of SharePoint group
  • Grant Permission on list item
  • Grant Permission on list
  • Grant Permission on site
  • Remove all permissions from list item
  • Remove all permissions from list
  • Remove all permissions from site
  • Remove permissions from list item
  • Remove permissions from list
  • Remove permissions from site
  • Remove user from SharePoint group
  • Remove user from all site groups
  • Restore list item permissions inheritance
  • Restore list permissions inheritance
  • Restore site permissions inheritance
  • Stop list item permissions inheritance
  • Stop list permissions inheritance
  • Stop site permissions inheritance
  • Get SharePoint Site Group Names
  • Get all site users
  • Get SharePoint user from user information list
  • Remove all list item permissions for user(s)/group(s)
  • Remove all list permissions for user(s)/group(s)
  • Remove all site permissions for user(s)/group(s)
  • Stop folder permissions inheritance
  • Restore folder permissions inheritance
  • Grant permissions on folder
  • Remove permissions from folder
  • Remove all permissions from folder
  • Remove all folder permissions for user(s)/group(s)
String Activities
  • Split string
  • Trim string
  • Join strings
  • Convert date to a string
Workflow actions
  • Cancel running Workflow
  • Cancel all workflows on list item
  • Loop through list items and start workflow
  • Start another workflow

SharePoint Online Workflows

The SharePoint Online Workflow Activities Kit by Virto can be used for creating custom SharePoint workflows. The Activities Kit includes over 80 workflows activities for sending emails, list processing, permission processing, document and attachement processing, and other activities, which significally extend SharePoint Designer workflow action set.

The Virto's no-code SharePoint Online Workflow activities are designed to automate and streamline SharePoint system and team processes. No limitation to workflows quantity, no additional hardware, no extra skills other than being good at SharePoint Designer.

If you lack a specific SharePoint Online Workflow activity, and it is not featured on the Virto Office 365 Workflow Activities set, you can request a custom solution. We will produce it in 2-3 business days.
For details, see the SharePoint Online Workflow Activities documentation
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