Project Management
Manage your SharePoint tasks with feature-rich and highly customizable SharePoint project management solutions.
SharePoint Project Management Challenges
Unreal time-limits
In the vast majority of projects the major problem is the compliance with deadlines. It becomes a challenge for managers to find effective approaches to tasks and schedules to finish project "on time" or get approval for shipping dates.
Scope changes
"Scope Creep" is the primary enemy of effective project management. Proper documentation and communication of what is happening and what is anticipated is very important in each project.
Lack of communication
Team workflows require uninterrupted communications. Project managers need effective communication infrastructures to provide information to each project resource.
Inability to manage risks
Risk analysis should be run during the whole life cycle of the project. Project manager should have current information to make decisions that reduce risks and potential losses.
Customer and end-users participation
Discussions and status updates should be provided to all members of a project. Stakeholders, customers, and end-users should be invited and encouraged to participate in important project decisions.
Developing and organizing a successful project has always been a challenge

SharePoint On-Premises or Office 365 platforms provide tools for project processes support and cover mainly the team collaboration requirements, but out-of-the-box solutions are not your only option. Each operation of project requires specific support depending on the project stage, and ootb tools often don't satisfy the complex or unique demands of your workflow. The best SharePoint project management practices combine SharePoint with custom solutions and third-party tools to suit a variety of business needs in the same environment.

A well-designed environment in SharePoint On-Premises or Office 365 combined with clear process strategy help launching project after project quick and smoothly.
VirtoSoftware SharePoint project management services include:

  • analyzing and categorizing of your project requirements
  • project planning and developing an interaction model
  • architectural overview and operational model building
  • detailed design, QA testing
  • user training and adoption
  • support and maintenance of launched project

VirtoSoftware provides services to assist your business with building out your SharePoint environment, mapping and categorizing your project management needs, solutioning and custom development, migrating out of external apps and sources into Office 365, end-user adoption and training.

Most of SharePoint project management challenges may be solvable with specialized tools providing reportability and visual views to your project
A Gantt chart is an indispensable solution for project progress monitoring and planning work. Virto Gantt Chart is available in both Office 365 and SharePoint On-Premises platforms to make a project plan transparent and easy to manage.

The Virto SharePoint resource management app is a convenient solution to manage team schedules and arrange both human and material resources in visual views. Before initiating the project launch, you may ensure your plan and employee workloads are optimized.

Agile and scrum are most common project delivery methodologies based on kanban boards as a foundational tool. Virto SharePoint Kanban interfaces with SharePoint lists and uses SharePoint tasks as movable cards. With this solution, you can filter and color-code tasks, send notifications to assigned users, highlight overdue tasks, and much more.

The Virto SharePoint Calendar dramatically enhance the ootb functions of default SharePoint calendar. This tool allows you to overlay SharePoint calendars, Exchange calendars, insert Google calendars and SalesForce data sources. Keep your team informed of project schedule and each other's availability.
Given the right tools, project tracking and operations automation can be surprisingly easy, transparent, and cost effective. SharePoint provides great features for support processes and team collaboration.
Obtaining all SharePoint project management services from a single vendor simplifies the project launch and maintenance, shorten terms and increase the quality of the end-product.

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Learn the best practices for optimization and effective solutions for common challenges.
SharePoint Project Management Features
VirtoSoftware can help overcome
SharePoint project management challenges.
Built-In Task Dashboard
Smart and easy-to-use dashboards show all selected tasks as well as critical tasks and individual task statuses. It allows task progress and KPI tracking views to manage SharePoint projects better.
Integrate key content
Enhance work processes across all teams and levels by combining key content from different project sites into one effective framework. Team members can find all information they need for their tasks or projects there. Build more productive and innovate environments .
Project Templates
Organize your data by using pre-determined workflow templates. Make business analysis simpler, faster, and qualitative with SharePoint project management tools.
Automated Reporting
Enjoy automatically updated charts and reports and improve visual product performance, workflow and asset insights.
Gantt Chart View
Display resource assignments, staff workload across all running projects in Gantt Chart View. Smart and easy resource management.
Kanban Board View Customization
Designate task card colors, apply multiple filters, hide or collapse swimlanes, and arrange tasks by specific criteria.
Trusted Performance
Over 120 brands are solving their SharePoint project management challenges with us.
50+ Pre-Built Products
Our pre-built apps for SharePoint & Office 365 keep
implementation costs low.
Professional Team
Our team of professional analysts and managers has 15+ years experience.
Customer Responsiveness
With the industry-leading retention rate our team ensures success upon the project.
Our customers ABOUT SHAREPOINT PRoject management
We are a small manufacturing business that utilizes Microsoft Sharepoint for project management. We use sharepoint lists to record and track each job. Multiple teams collect and track unique information about the job, which drives high number of columns in the list. When we tried to edit an item, the list of item in the Sharepoint list was long and hard to edit. Virto Forms allowed us to organize the input fields into logical tabs and groups. Now edit view looks much user friendly.
Virto forms tutorial was very easy to follow as we downloaded the app and installed it on the SharePoint site. The use of the app was also intuitive. It took me less than few minutes to reaarange my edit and view form.
Nikolya Serdyuk, Chief Strategy Officer, EBM, Inc.

I would strongly recommend VirtoSoftware's Migration Services to anyone in need Move from Vdoc or any other business application to Office 365, having full faith and confidence in team's extreme professionalism.
VirtoSoftware has the ability to thoroughly study the case and then create a road map and plan to assist and developing a Migration Solutions to move to SharePoint Online.
I am very grateful to all the Virto Team for their help and support throughout this process.
Ahmed Salah, Corporate IT, SIGVARIS Management AG

Implementing Virto Calendar for SharePoint Online was a no brainer for my team. After a free trial, we quickly saw what an amazing solution it is. We have been able to extend SharePoint's out of the box calendars with this app to create beautiful, interactive calendars. We even developed a conference room booking system for one of the premier sporting facilities in the US, based on the features available with Virto Calendar. The Virto team is also very quick to add new features to the application. I have seen it evolve over the past 2 years into an app we just can't live without. It seems they listen to their customers and implement the features that are needed most and lacking in the default SharePoint calendaring experience. I could not recommend a better app for SharePoint online calendaring.
Robert Woods, Microsoft Office 365 Administrator

We were looking for Sharepoint solution and we came across VirtoSoftware. While testing it, they provided great support and eventually we went ahead with the purchase. There are many SharePoint vendors out there but one of the things we look out for is before & after-sales support, VirtoSoftware provided a great product and delivered good service. They would come to mind if we need any sharepoint solutions again.
Qin Yi Oun, Application consultant, TT Network Integration Asia Pte. Ltd.
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